Connecting Artists and Audiences

2009, Number 4

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About this issue: 
Creating a performance work may start behind closed doors, but eventually the dancer, the musician, the actor is ready to leave the studio for the stage to present the finished work to an audience. Presenting the performance is an art in itself—from programming seasons to building audiences to making spaces that are welcoming for both artists and audiences. So the interaction between presenters and artists is crucial to the success of both. This issue of NEA Arts highlights what it takes to make art happen in public and features the NEA Jazz Masters Fellowships, which celebrate not only master performing artists but also, through the A.B. Spellman Award for Jazz Advocacy, those who are masters at creating environments—both literally and metaphorically—in which jazz can flourish.
There is special web feature on Teatro Avante’s experience performing overseas through the NEA’s USArtists International program, produced in partnership with Mid Atlantic Arts Foundation.
Cover Credit: 
Jazz Lives by Debra Hurd. Debra Hurd is a visual artist and musician living in Austin, Texas. She has been acclaimed for her vivid city scenes and her passionate and perceptive depictions of musicians, using dramatic color and texture. Hurd is also an accomplished pianist, recording and playing live in Austin.
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