Elsa Miller

Maple Valley, WA—Tahoma High School (Senior)


Elsa Miller is a multi-instrumental musician, and draws most of her inspiration from her family, art, music, and theater. Miller has been involved in theater her entire life, and dreams someday to perform on a Broadway stage. Her most recent writing venture has been as part of a writing team at Village Theatre in Washington State, writing the show Dumb Club. Dumb Club is the story of six kids who, over the span of four weeks, two days, and 16 hours, learn to fight, love, and improvise. While she wrote “The Beginning” alone, the rest of the show was written in collaboration with Sydney Coe, Jackie Moyle, and Mia Basulto, with mentorship from Porscha Shaw, Elisa Money, and Joel Arpin.


"A Beginning" by Elsa Miller

Music Director: Anessa Marie

Mentor: Ty Defoe

Vocalists: David Rowen, Tatiana Lofton, Gianna Yanelli, Ellis Gage, Kat Griffin

Musicians: Anessa Marie, Justin Goldner, Jamie Eblen, Lee Moretti, Elisa Winter, Tia Allen, Jessica McJunkins, Lessie Vonner, Nicole DeMaio


Five high school students in a small Connecticut town are navigating the challenges of being a teenager. From popular soccer player Matt to nerdy Jace, they each have their story and their struggle. In their own vignettes and as an ensemble, they reflect on their current situations, knowing that they are at the beginning of their lives, “whatever you can make.”


Final recorded song:

Song submitted for competition:



Elsa Miller (top center) watches the recording of “A Beginning” with mentor Ty Defoe. Photo by Natalie Powers