Tyler Kinnaman

Snoqualmie, WA—Mount Si High School (Senior)

Tyler Kinnaman is currently studying music composition at the San Francisco Conservatory of Music. He’s been involved in theater since middle school and can’t remember a time where he wasn’t writing music on his piano or guitar. He has written two albums with his band, Lake 22 (@lake22.music), co-written two musicals, and composed music in other musical genres. He would like to thank his friends, family and mentors for this incredible opportunity!


"Life of a Reaper" by Tyler Kinnaman
Music Director: Patrick Sulken
Mentor: Jay Adana
Vocalists: T. Oliver Reid, Nic Rouleau, Leana Rae Concepcion, Sushma Saha, Celeste Rose, Troy Iwata
Musicians: Patrick Sulken, Alex Eckhardt, Sean McDaniel, Hidayat Honari, Ravi Best, Jennifer Hinkle, Kristy Norter


It is a normal work day in the Underworld, as the reapers—don’t call them grim—explain their job responsibilities of taking lives and collecting souls from the human world. They sing, “If death's a door then we're the key.” The reapers work hard with their scythes, disguises, cloaks, and how-to-kill guidebooks. As the reapers begin their day, we meet MC for whom this is the first day on the job. MC can’t imagine anything is going to go wrong. . .


Final recorded song:


Song submitted for competition:



Tyler Kinnaman (left) with mentor Jay Adana. Photo by JT Anderson