Kyler Huyse

Katy, TX—Seven Lakes High School (Junior)

Kyler Huyse is an actor, singer, and songwriter. At Seven Lakes High School, he is the president of the school theater company, Studio VII. He also trains at the Humphreys School of Musical Theatre. Some of his favorite show credits include The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee (Leaf Coneybear), The 39 Steps (Compere/Pilot 1), The Old Man and the Old Moon (Matheson), HSM (Ryan), and TUTS’ Elf: The Musical (teen ensemble). Kyler has been writing music for over six years, in genres such as musical theatre, pop, country, and rock. Through his music, he hopes to encapsulate the human experience and make those that listen feel seen and heard.


"From a Distance" by Kyler Huyse
Music Director: Rose Van Dyne
Mentor: Anna K. Jacobs
Vocalist: Joshua Colley
Musicians: Rose Van Dyne, Elena Bonomo, Ron Gardner, Monica Davis, Ada Westfall, Susan D. Mandel, Jonny Gittings


The song is about a teenage boy Luke and his struggle with his sexuality. The story takes place in a small Texas suburb in late 2015, a few months after the legalization of gay marriage. Luke has a problem; he has fallen in love with a boy at his school named Will but knows there is no possibility his deeply religious parents will accept him if he openly expresses his love. As a result, Luke and Will decide to keep their love a secret. However, after a near outing, Luke cuts off the relationship, putting his family’s reputation first over his happiness. Although Luke and Will can’t be together any longer, Luke still loves but now, “from a distance.”


Final recorded song:

Song submitted for competition:



Kyler Huyse watches the recording of “From a Distance” with mentor Anna K. Jacobs. Photo by Natalie Powers