Nicole Acosta

Miami, FL—Miami Arts Studio (Junior)

Nicole Acosta is a 17-year-old who began singing, acting, and dancing, at the age of eight and has not stopped. She is part of the musical theater program at Miami Arts Studio where she has been able to perform in many shows including the first high school production of On Your Feet, where she plays the role of Gloria Estefan. She has been part of Phil Collins’ Little Dreams Foundation for the past eight years where she’s had the opportunity to perform with many well-known artists. She was also on American Idol 2021 where she received a golden ticket to go to Hollywood. She is currently writing her own music and hopes to one day pursue a career in the music industry and on Broadway.


"Ordinary" by Nicole Acosta
Music Director: Dionne McClain-Freeney
Mentor: Benjamin Velez
Vocalists: Taylor Louderman, Benjamin Velez
Musicians: Dionne McClain-Freeney, James Rushin, Jessie Nelson, Meg Talay, Will Shishmanian


Kassie, an overachieving high school senior, has always gotten everything she's wanted. She’s a straight A student, captain of her cheerleading team, and got accepted into her dream school, Stanford University. However, there’s one issue, she’ll be leaving her boyfriend of three years, Justin, behind. During one of Kassie’s many efforts of trying to talk to Justin and he avoiding the conversation, he suddenly gets overwhelmed by the situation and snaps, saying that maybe they “should just break up.” Shocked, Kassie reveals to him how she’s been feeling for the past couple of weeks, pleading for a chance to simply discuss their future and where they stand, saying she just wants to talk like “ordinary people.”


Final recorded song:

Song submitted for competition:



Nicole Acosta with mentor Benjamin Velez. Photo by Natalie Powers